Sand Dunes

Seeing the world through the eyes of a poet.


 Fish Creek Wash, Anza Borrego, CA 

Since 2007, I've been teaching writers of all ages across a variety of settings and platforms. I worked as a California Poet in the Schools, created summer writing camps for youth in California and Colorado, encouraged high school age writers to find their voice, supported K-12 educators working on their Master's in the Arts, and designed a nurturing space for writers and non-writers to reclaim their creativity. 

Looking back, I can see that much of the writing, teaching, and creating I've done has been about reacquainting myself with the shape and behavior of the land, remembering the rhythm of nature, and deepening my connection with the flora, fauna, and fungi of Mother Earth. 

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Mt. Imbabura, Ecuador




Remembering Our Place in the Sacred Circle of Life

Spring 2022

Christina offered a wealth of interesting content including poems, contemporary writers and creative works and used visualization and discussion to inspire and spark our imaginations and creativity. The course encouraged us to dive deep and find connection to ourselves and nature, finding stories around and within ourselves. It was enriching to hear others' response to the material and to find my own stories emerging spontaneously taking their own shape. Christina was very encouraging and helped us find threads in our writings and ideas and I feel more confident to keep writing now without feeling that I need to do it right!  


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