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My heart and mind work in harmony when I spend time in Nature observing, grounding, and making time for stillness. ​

This is what I hope for others and why I am inspired to create engaging courses and retreats where we can come together and share our gifts.  

Remembering Our Place in the Sacred Circle of Life

6-week course begins March 2023


An awakening experience into all the aspects of Mother Earth and all she has to offer us, right outside our door! I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in nature, creativity, inspiration and writing.   
  – Concetta B.       

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During six, 2-hour workshop sessions, we will read poetry, prose, and essays that touch on the magnificence of Mother Earth.


The aim of the class is to be inspired by your ventures into Nature, the selected reading, and our discussions.


Your writing practice will be nourished by your deepening relationship with the natural world. We will also explore how artistic acts like writing, painting, sculpting, singing, playing music, cooking, baking, gardening, etc., are prayers towards healing and opportunities to share our heart-based creations.​

All Levels Welcome

Format: Virtual 2-hour Zoom class 

Dates: Sept. 6 through Oct. 11

Class will convene every Tuesday


Two Time Offerings: 

Class #1: 4 pm (PST) / 7 pm (EST)
Class #2: 7 am (PST) / 10 am (EST) / 15:00 (GMT)
⭐️ (Class #2 Accommodates our European students) 


Class size: Limit to 10 

Price: $175.00 with 10% going to Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle (OMEC)

Three Day Writing Retreat In Mexico
Nature Inspired Creativity: Reconnecting with Our Kin

November 10–14, 2022


This writing retreat is designed to revitalize your creativity by reconnecting to the wisdom and teachings of the natural world. We will discover how deepening our relationship with Nature can inspire writing, meaningful discussions, art-making, and good health. This retreat is intended for those who have an interest and comfort in writing, but who might also be visual artists, musicians, teachers, scientists, etc.

All are welcome!

We will venture out of the “classroom” by making time to explore the 5 lush acres of Casa Werma and beyond. We will hike to the nearby el Escribo Grande, spend time on the edge of Lake Patzcuaro, and walk the streets of Patzcuaro herself. Wherever we are, we can slow down to observe life’s movements, sounds, textures, and colors.

With our offering of attention, Mother Nature reciprocates with her own beautiful language.

By observing with a curious mind, resting in stillness, and bearing witness, we are invited to remember our deep connections and responsibility to the flora, fauna, and fungi of our planet.

It is in these moments where we receive the

gift to translate her messages. 

We will also spend time writing and reading in community. To encourage imagination and play, there will be guided meditations, visualizations, and writing prompts. We will discuss and share

and hold space for what arises. You may write in whatever form pleases you including journaling, poetry, prose, memoir, novel, and non-fiction. If you are in the middle of a writing project then let this be a time for that too. This retreat is meant to encourage the artist in you and deepen your relationship with Mother Earth. You will leave refreshed and inspired! 

This program is open to all levels of writers and  meditation practitioners; no prerequisites.

In Partnership with UCSD Division of Extended Studies
Forms of Poetry

 January - February 2023

6-week asynchronous course

hoh stones.heic

Christina is a standout instructor, as indicated by the five-star rating. Christina demonstrates care and concern for students' well-being outside of class and works with students to accommodate their needs with understanding, flexibility, and compromise.     
UCSD Div. of Extended Studies student

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Amy Lowell wrote, “No one expects a man to make a chair without first learning how, but there is a popular impression that the poet is born, not made, and that his verses burst from his overflowing heart of themselves.

As a matter of fact, the poet must learn his trade in the same manner, and with the same painstaking care,

as the cabinet-maker.”


Let’s look at poetry from a designer’s perspective. As a designer of poetry, we are charged with creating works of beauty that sometimes fall within certain parameters such as: What does this “space” need? What do I want to “say” here? What are my materials? In this course, students will address the design qualities of a poem by experimenting with forms like the sonnet, ballad, ode, haiku, and villanelle.


No previous experience required

Course Number: WCWP-40308 Credit: 2.00 units   

Certificate Programs: Creative Writing

In Partnership with UCSD Division of Extended Studies
Nature Writing: The True Muse

September 26 - November 11, 2022

6-week asynchronous course


As writers, we are the witness and voice of our time, and as such, we are invited to translate what we experience to share and celebrate with the generations to come. 


This course invites you to develop your writing while reconnecting with Mother Nature, or as author Bill Plotkin says, "grow deeper into our human nature". We will immerse ourselves in the contemplations of writers who have spent their life close to the heartbeat of Mother Nature. Through the examples of their offerings, your own discoveries in the inner and outer composition of your landscapes, you will shape writing that reveals the joy, and sometimes heartache, of walking this Earth.


Inspiration will come from time in Nature and direct experience with all she offers us. We will reclaim our wild self and play with a variety of forms from poetry to prose to performance.

Past Events

Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle (OMEC)

Course: Remembering Our Place in the Sacred Circle of Life

Oct - Nov 2021

March - April 2022