What would your life
be like if you could
reclaim your creativity?


Just for a moment....


Take yourself back to a time when you felt free and imagine yourself playing, building, dismantling, and thinking wildly and unconventionally. More than likely, this was a time when you worried less about correctness and accomplishment and more about expression and creation. 

Remembering who we are as part of the natural world is key to returning to and sustaining our creativity.


The natural world awaits you.


Learning & Creating Together

I hope to inspire writers of all levels to explore their relationship with the natural world, so that they can remember their place in all things so that their creative endeavors are rich and meaningful.

I've found that writing is one way to activate creativity, heal from busyness and worry, and contribute to the larger discussion of what it means to be human.


In partnership with the University of San Diego (UCSD)  and with the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle (OMEC)

I teach courses in poetry and nature-inspired creativity. 

And I am always open to exploring new partnerships. 


Being part of an encouraging writing community is sometimes all it takes to get a project started or see it to its completion. Time and again, I hear from course participants that writing together in an inspiring and supportive atmosphere, gives them the extra support, and permission, to remember their innate gifts. Groups meet two times a month on zoom. 



One of the most profound lessons I have learned from the natural world is that we are all connected. Everyone. and everything. I invite you to work with me to deepen your writing practice, to help with editing, to get support and clear blocks, and/or collaborate on a specific project.

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“Finding beauty in a broken world is creating beauty in the world we find.”
-Terry Tempest Williams

What people say...



Spring 2022 Cohort

“Remembering Our Place in the Sacred Circle of Life” was what this course was all about for me.

I truly needed to deepen my connection to Nature and this class format, Christina, and the class participants really made this happen. 



Spring 2022 Cohort

Christina could see our writing from different angles which helped deepen the meaning. Her feedback and suggestions helped me see unexpected angles to the writing that could take it in different directions and help the writing flow more easily. It brought unexpected and more interesting insights to me. 


This has been the best experience I have ever had! In one famous Russian movie there is an expression, “Happiness is when you are understood.” That is how I felt. All your comments showed me that you got exactly what I wanted to say and helped me to think further. 


Spring 2022 Cohort

Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world, receiving the gifts with open eyes and open heart.

Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass


Welcome to my musings on the relationship between
creative practice and the natural world.


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