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Friend From the Dark

 It’s spring in the rainforest which means there are days of sun and clear skies and days of rain. Today it is raining. Oh look, here comes the sun! Like this: vacillating, entrancing, and also deeply nourishing.

Many migrating birds and animals have arrived and they seem undeterred by the fluctuations in temperature and light. Similarly, the plants and trees are on the move, reaching limb and root for space to express themselves as leaf, blossom, and in some cases, sweet fruit. Insects are part of the performance, too, as they hatch, take flight, then soar, dive, or float in their singular style. 

Even the night is more active this time of year. Elusive owls call to each other high up on the slope in a thick of alder and Douglas-fir, coyotes celebrate their prize in their raucous way, frogs perform their best ventriloquist work, and bats dart and swoop in search of in-flight meals.

The land is alive and offering lessons and messages in every moment. A few days ago a wee friend, not even three inches long, showed up here. We first noticed them hanging upside down in the space between the screen and the slider. Our visitor might be a Silver haired bat or California myotis bat, either one is fine with us. We are honored to be considered a resting spot for the time being until we can install a bat box for them to be safe and warm.

On the first evening of the bat’s residency, we turned off all the indoor and outdoor lights and then sat on the floor to wait for them to slowly wake with some important gentle wing stretches and personal grooming before they carefully inched their way out of the tight space and flew off into the dark. We oohed and aahed and felt beyond fortunate to observe this magical moment.

As messenger, bat signifies transition, initiation, rebirth, and change. The bat is also a meaningful reminder of how engaging respectfully with our animal family can awaken a feeling of belonging that we can’t get from our technological distractions. I invite you to step outside into the dark and see who shows up in your life during this time of year.

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