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A Simple Solstice Ceremony

Dear friends,

Happy Solstice! I hope you find time today (and everyday) to interact with the natural world. In the quiet moments the land will sing to you, heal your deepest sorrows, and inspire you. Most days, I receive her with a deep inhale and then offer my gratitude with an emptying exhale. Early this morning, I was inspired to slow down and create a simple ceremony with the living beings around me. The poem I offer here is a simple translation of all that occurred in the making.

Summer Solstice

The dried and braided spiny rush

acts like the frame of a canvas.

This hoop of potential signifies

a new day and another opportunity

to be grateful for my beloved sanctuary.

I look to the garden for inspiration.

Who calls to me to join in this sacred

offering to the elements, ancestors,

plant and animal kin? I ask permission

and a small and colorful crew agrees to

help in the making:

narrow sword fern

golden dew drop



I sit on the Earth and observe. Robins

fight mid-flight and chase each other

across the vegetable beds and into

a hedge of thick honeysuckle vines.

Crow is quiet for once. I am observed in turn.

Who sits with me in this circle?

Grandmother white sage

Grandfather Huachuma cactus

yellow daylily

Mexican tarragon

The wet and overcast morning

moves through me like a slow animal and

a gentle reminder to honor that which might

be hidden in this moment before the sun's

intense rays bring us the longest day of light.

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