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Dear Earth Mother,

by Lisa Ezzard


You who are me, and bigger than me

You, for whom my love grows by the season

For our crinkling skin, our fallow fields

Our hidden seeds


Once we were all a-flow, all color,

All boundless expanse

Four-leaf clovers and monarchs

Appearing like magic from infinite green, 

infinite milkweed,

Infinite sky


We were mostly bare skinned,

Covered in jewels, harmonies, 

Life and Death brushing up against each other

Predators and prey ever becoming one another


Once we were long-haired, unshaven,

Tasteful as honey wine, timeless,

Diving from ice in our thick white hair

The Northern Lights turning us cosmic

In our night shift seal chase


Once our name was Gaia

Daughter of Chaos


And it is to Chaos that we call out

To storm and windfall

Tornado and its eye

Hurricane, flood, sandstorm,

Drought, Derecho,



We call out to the Chaos

From which we have been born and reborn

Born of stardust, born of light

Of water, of fungi and matted roots,

Born of blood and iron,

Mineral, oxygen, and the unseen

Born of ears and of music

Of heartbeats, hardening bones,

And the cracks of thunder


We who are all and one

Who can not be formed 

from the human language -

That would name and number 

and separate


Oh divine you! Oh divine me!

Tree Prayer

By Sue C.


O Great Creator,

Thank you for the morning sun on my back,

so my needles glisten in the light.

Thank you for the children’s contagious joy

and for my sweet admirers from the church.

Now in autumn we, the evergreens, catch the eyes

now that those other trees have dropped

their oh-so-colourful leaves.

Let me stay here, healthy,

to watch generations of children grow and flourish!

In the name of the Holy Spirit,


Image by Annie Spratt

A Rainy Day Hawthorne 

By Concetta B. 


Having a difficult day, I decided to take a walk outside to the labyrinth.  

In the back of our land, surrounded by many beautiful species of trees there is a sacred space… away from all the trials and challenges of the day.   


I had noticed the Hawthorne tree a few days before when I had walked around the labyrinth. 

It was almost like she invited me to stop and say “Hello” before I proceeded. I thought how interesting; I had never stopped and noticed how quite beautiful she was with her bright red berries against her green and brown bark and dark green leaves. 


This day, even though it was cold and raining, I decided to stand in her presence. The wind was gently blowing and the rain was lightly trickling down her leaves. Not being a fan of rain, I had no intention of staying long but her energy of warmth, comfort and acceptance, drew me into a moment of stillness and peace; and then… I heard her, the Hawthorne tree, spoke to me:



           Come to me my friend, lay your burdens down 

            I will wipe away your tears

            I will calm all your fears


            Come to me

             I will comfort you 

             I will enfold you with my soft embrace

             I will show you the way 

            We are the same you and I 

            Made of the same magical elements…

            Those that formed us and the whole Universe into                 Being


             I stand here before you, to be a reminder 

             Accept yourself as I accept myself

             Open your heart and 

             Be all you were created to Be!